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buypkonlinecom is entirely a third party business and offers goods and services on discounts. These goods and services are bought through a group buying experience. buypkonlinecom Terms and Conditions are summarized below.

1. By accessing buypkonlinecom and any of its offered services, you agree to the Terms, Conditions and Privacy policies. If at any point you fail to agree with our terms, you must stop using the Site and its Services.

2. Your personal information is very important to us. We believe in strict privacy structure and will not share your information with anyone other than those mentioned in our Policy structure.

3. It is mandatory for you to create an “Account” on our Site or “Sign In” in with a third party website e.g. Facebook and Twitter to purchase a Deal from buypkonlinecom. The account will help us to provide you a good service for your booked Orders and Deals. We also wish to view your past purchases and modify your preferences whenever needed.

4. By registering to our website, you give buypkonlinecom the authority to send you promotional as well as administrative emails. buypkonlinecom will send you emails of your account activity and purchases. Moreover, buypkonlinecom will keep you updated with the latest deals in town, promotional offers as well as information about new products. You may unsubscribe yourself from receiving promotions at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the email.

5. You will make a compulsory offer to us by purchasing a Deal, hence all the terms and conditions made out in relation with the Deal (if any) will act. This means that you accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service regarding the deal.

6. Any deal from the merchant posted on buypkonlinecom will solely belong to him/her. buypkonlinecom is not bound to take responsibility of Deals you purchase nor about the information provided in the deal. buypkonlinecom does not take responsibility of the quality, durability, condition and safety of any goods or services purchased through a Deal. buypkonlinecom does not offer any warranty to any end-user for the goods and services purchased.

7. You must know that buypkonlinecom is third party business and the one of the main work of the company is of distributing content provided to it by other companies rather than publishing it. You must know that any information regarding offers, discounts, services, opinions and statements belong to the respective author(s) or distributor and not to buypkonlinecom.

8. In case you violate laws of a third party, fail to meet Terms and Service, you will agree to compensate buypkonlinecom for all the legal costs, expenses and fees we incur.

9. The material of this website is not to be republished or distributed anywhere without the written permission of buypkonlinecom.

10. buypkonlinecom have all the rights to ban any user on account of any misconduct without any warning. Any breach of this agreement will also result in banning user from the Site.

11. You accept that you have read and understood all the details regarding Terms and Conditions. You agree to act according to the points mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

12. buypkonlinecom at any time may change these Terms and Conditions. buypkonlinecom at any time may remove the existing terms and add new ones. These changes are for improving the services and to provide you with better user-experience. The changes apply from the time they are published on the Site.

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